For Top Sellers, Fewer is Better

Original post from Jill Konrath:

Cold Calling Revisited: What if Sales is Not a Numbers Game?:
For years, we’ve been told that sales is a numbers game. To be successful, all you needed to do was to fill your pipeline with an endless supply of suspects. And then, a certain percentage of them would miraculously turn into prospects, and ultimately customers – if you were persistent enough.
Lots of people still believe that. I don’t. And, I’m dead serious – especially when what you’re selling requires buyers to stop and think before they invest or make a change.
Salespeople who have tons of potential opportunities tend to run through them as fast as they can, hoping to close a quick deal. They rarely engage in the right conversations. They’re too eager to find the hot prospect and make an easy sale. But usually, they’re just brushed off – and they should be, because they’re just in it for themselves.

Yes, we will admit having a good supply of prospects is extremely useful, but top sellers don’t just think about the numbers. They think about the strategy.

If all you can show your boss is that you have a great number of prospects to pick from to cold call, you probably aren’t the top seller in your sales team. That’s because the number that will mean more is how many you can get to close.

And, how do you get them to close? You use strategy to figure out who your best prospects are and you focus on them. They have a higher chance to close and are more likely to drive business.

Focus on the prospects that matter.

Be a smarter seller for your organization, sales team and yourself.

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