Turning Prospect Hesitation Into Customer Confidence

Original post from Colleen Francis

Is Your Prospect Hesitating? Are You Surprised?
Did you ever notice that the most excited prospect, the one who loves your product the most and can find nothing wrong with it, is also the prospect who has no power to say yes?

Hesitation and questions about your product can come only from real decision makers. Why? Because hesitation caution, questions and objections are a natural response from any serious buyer about to engage on a substantial investment.

But if hesitation and questions are a natural response from serious buyers, what is the best way to address them?

The common approach for dealing with questions and objections is fatal to the sales process: PANIC.
What do you do when your prospect begins hesitating? Your sales presentation went great, you communicated clearly, and you’ve been able to answer the questions your prospect has, so what can the problem be? Though it’s a natural part of the sales process, each¬†occurrence can still be just as scary as the last, and it always comes with the question of whether your prospect will leave or stay.

It’s important to remember that prospects are people to, and though some of the issues lie with them, there are some issues that could also lie with you.¬†So how can you begin to prospect effectively? What can you do to put your prospect at ease? And how can you turn a moment of hesitation into a feeling of confidence?

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