Understanding Sales Goals Influencers

Original post from Tony Zambito:

The Pursuit of Goals Drive Buyer Decisions:
Market behavior, in its most simplistic form, is about buying and selling. As simplistic as it may appear, market behaviors are filled with complex goal-directed behaviors, activities and choices that ultimately drive buying and selling.
When you can uncover end goals related to buyer decisions and draw connections to pursuit goals, you are offered insights into goal-directed behaviors and choices. This is where true buyer insights reside.
To gain true buyer insights into buyer decisions, companies must excel at understanding the pursuit of goals driving decisions.
It also means companies and their senior leaders will need to shift their gaze towards gaining insights into not only pursuit goals, but also how they are constantly changing.

It’s hard enough to follow and track your buyers decisions based on a multitude of marketing and sales efforts, so how do you uncover your buyers’ goals?

Instead of understanding exactly what their goals are, it’s more important to understand the thought process that gets them to there.

Tony brings up some good questions to help get a better handle on how buyers get to their final goals:
How do buyers select goals?
How do buyers pursue goals?
How do buyers make decisions relative to goals?

Figure out what influences them and the strategy needed to reach them in your marketing and sales efforts will follow suit.

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