Use A Sales Content Platform To Protect Your Data — And Close The Deal

Closing a deal requires plenty of collaboration and feedback. Coordinating with multiple decision-makers is a real juggling act of documents, feedback and revisions. When the pressure’s on to maintain momentum, confidentiality and security concerns tend to fall by the wayside. When copies of sensitive documents fly back and forth as email attachments, the likelihood of confidential information leaking out increases.

Instead of blasting out emails, using a centralized, password-protected sales content platform allows sales teams to manage important content and distribute it securely to decision-makers. These tools help to reduce the likelihood of both malicious and inadvertent leaks, and offer the seller useful visibility into how the information is being accessed.

In certain situations, particularly when companies are submitting bids and proposals, sales teams want additional protection for their information. The first step is storing sales information centrally in a way that allows those concerned to access it, but not download it. 

Once someone is able to download information, anything could happen. A decision-maker might accidentally forward the document. A smartphone with the document synced to it may go missing. Using a password-protected sales content platform immediately reduces the hodgepodge of emails flying around with copies of sensitive data.

While these actions reduce the chance of inappropriate information leaking out, the risk never drops to zero. There’s never a perfect security solution — only solutions that manage and reduce risk. Even if you were to keep all of the sales collaboration and content within a closed sales content platform, controlling access with permissions and blocking downloading, nothing is ever 100 percent foolproof.

In the event of an information leak, the question to ask is, “Did the person sharing information take reasonable steps to protect the data?” If the person responsible used a sales content platform as a centralized way to share content between multiple decision-makers and protected it with a password, most people would look at that and say, “Yes, that’s reasonable.” 

As a bonus to improving security, using a sales content platform gives salespeople a key advantage through analytics — the ability to see when (or if) the prospect actually accesses your proposal or other sales content. This sales analytics visibility keeps the seller abreast of what’s going on in the deal. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): In theory, you could always do more to protect sensitive data. The trick is to remember that any security measures you implement have to be simple. End users only care about security as long as it doesn’t seriously inconvenience them. Once security measures seem too difficult to manage, end users find ways to circumvent them. 

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