Use Digital Body Language To Measure The Health Of Your Customer Relationships

If you see a coworker at their desk wearing headphones, head down and typing away, their body language clearly tells you “I’m busy working.” 

Digital body language, while not always so obvious, communicates a similar kind of indirect message. Every aspect of a person’s digital activity — from opening an email to clicking on links or sharing content on social media — helps to form their digital body language. 

And the message it communicates is telling. Salespeople should pay attention to digital body language because it provides key details about the health of customer relationships. 

To read digital body language, first figure out what your customers are doing with the content you send them. Are they opening your emails and clicking through to embedded links? If so, that’s a good sign your relationship with them is strong. 

However, if they’re not opening all of your emails and consuming the content, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is unhealthy; it could just be more nuanced. 

Follow the trail of information that leads to your less-responsive customers to better understand their behavior. Which type of content do they spend the most time with? There’s an indirect message being communicated here that provides an indication of the value they see in your content. 

Customer relationships often go cold because the customer (who is generally bombarded with messages) stops seeing value in the content you’re delivering. 

Use digital body language data to better understand your customers. If a relationship starts to go cold, mine the data history you have with that customer for content that they’ve indicated is valuable to them.

Think of yourself as a content curator, empowered with an intimate knowledge of exactly what your customers want to experience. 

This tactic isn’t designed to work overnight, but by being aware of what people are telling you (indirectly and directly) and curating the most valuable content for your customers, you’re laying the foundation for a sales relationship-building system that’s built for long-term success. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The marketing software you use to send emails, track click-through rates and page views collects a huge amount of data ready to be mined. Use this data to measure the digital body language of your customers. See who’s opening your emails and who isn’t. Focus on figuring out what kind of information people find most valuable, and curate more relevant content just for them. If you do this, you’ll create stronger relationships, leading to more prospects, leads and sales.  

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