Value Selling Is Not A Product Pitch

Original post from Anthony Iannarino

It Matters How You Sell

Your prospective client will treat you in a way that is consistent with how you approach them.

If you lead with your product, its features and benefits, and focus on the transaction and the price, then your prospective client will treat you like someone who has no ability to create real value (I call this Level 1). Your prospective client will perceive you as undifferentiated, and will believe that you are selling a commodity.

Your prospective client is right to make the assumption that you create little value. That is what you showed them by the actions you took in your approach to selling them.

Selling this way is tough now. The value that you create isn’t compelling, and it doesn’t answer the critical question your prospective client is dealing with which is, “Why must I change now?”

When you sell from Level 1, you ensure that you are not considered a peer. If you want to be a peer, you need to start from a position of greater value creation.

As you take a prospect through their journey, it’s important to remember that, ultimately, they control the outcome of the sale.  You can educate them all you want on your product, your benefits, and your features, but if there isn’t any substance, any real value attached to those statements, your prospect will likely walk away.  Remember that a successful sale is built from a foundation of value and trust.  Anthony Iannarino says that if you can’t show your prospect the value of your product, you need to rethink your sales strategy.

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