Want To Boost Sales? Try ‘Online Stalking’

We’ve all done it a thousand times in our personal lives; look up an old friend and dig through their Facebook pages.

After clicking through about 20 photo albums and reading status updates back to 2009, you’ve got them all figured out: They’re remarried, a lot thinner than they were in high school, politically conservative and no longer cheer for the Redskins. The entire process took less than 15 minutes and the person never knew what happened.

But here’s the thing: You can do some similar online “stalking” to boost your sales work. The Center for Sales Strategy recently shared a fun article about how Realtor Phil Dunphy from the mockumentary television show, “Modern Family,” used his daughter’s Facebook page to “stalk” a prospective buyer. Phil took the information and decorated the house to match the buyer’s tastes.

“There is some value in researching not just the business you are prospecting but also with the person you are trying to get in front of,” the article suggests. “One of the ways to make that more effective is to tailor how you stand out to the person you are trying to stand out to.”

While stalking can get a bit creepy, looking up the buyer’s public profiles on LinkedIn can help you learn about charities they support, shared contacts and interests. These are “acceptable” ways of connecting and building a rapport, as the article suggests.

In addition to finding out more about your customers with these social-oriented tools, you can also choose a social-oriented approach to engaging with customers. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest are all viable social platforms on which you can approach people. Just be sure to pay attention to the “how” because it varies significantly by platform.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Most likely you have a second- or third-degree connection with many buyers through your existing circle of LinkedIn connections. Today, there are so many ways to find out information about your customer. Social listening and monitoring tools are available to search the web for relevant information. Take advantage! 

Source: The Center for Sales Strategy, September 2013

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