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Want To Make The Sale? Just Give Good Advice

Sales professionals have a shorter window than ever to make an impression. That’s why you absolutely must avoid the temptation to push your products or services.

So what’s the secret? Think about your job as giving good advice!

Inc. recently shared a fantastic article about why providing advice — and not explaining the benefits of your products — is the best way to make a sale. In the article, sales expert Tom Searcy tells the story about how an amazing salesperson offered a prospect research and recommendations, along with implications about challenges, but he never talked about his products or services. He then asked, “What are you going to do about these challenges?” Without ever asking for it, the salesperson ultimately landed the sale.

Landing sales is about not getting “caught” selling, Searcy explains.

Here are five lessons from this interaction:

  1. Focus on the buyer’s business: Start talking about their company, their challenges and how competitors are handling these challenges.
  2. Give info about the buyer’s problems: Provide great information about the future challenges.
  3. Ask how they’ll handle challenges: Refuse to offer solutions from your products.
  4. Talk about their options for handling the problems: Continue to avoid pushing your own company. Offer pros and cons.
  5. Wait to be invited to offer options: The key is to be viewed as a trusted adviser above everything else.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): You really can be an adviser AND a salesperson. In our experience, it’s just all about how you approach a buyer — that’s the difference. To be an adviser, take the time to understand what the buyer is struggling with. 

Source: Inc., October 2013

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