Weekly Sales Meetings: Remember the 4 Cs

Original post from Leanne HoaglandSmith:
The 3 Cs of Weekly Sales Meetings:
Communicate—When the sales team members communicate their results of the previous week, this builds momentum.
Collaborate—Through the communication, the less experienced members can learn from the more seasoned professionals who share how they overcame specific sales obstacles.
Celebrate—By scheduling 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the size of the sales team, these weekly sales meetings can generate a positive, “I’m looking forward attitude” instead of a negative “Gee, another wasted meeting” attitude.

Weekly sales meetings are generally dreaded by sales teams. No salesperson wants to spend their valuable time they could spend selling on a meeting going over wins, losses and tips for improvement.
Weekly meetings can be so important to keep the morale and motivation of the sales team going.
We think there is one more “C” to add to this list: Constructive.
Turn your meetings into a constructive 15-30 minutes for sales reps. Where do they need to push to reach their goals? What metrics should they look to? What strategies are working, and which aren’t?
Before your next weekly sales meeting, think back to the 4 Cs and plan from there.

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