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Welcome To Your New Role As A Seller

Just how important is it to make educational content easily available to your prospective customers? 

According to The Corporate Executive Board Company, for B2B sales engagements, the average buyer gets 57 percent of the way through their purchasing decision before engaging a sales rep. 

Buyers are now doing most of the work sales reps once devoted much of their time to, and marketing departments are increasingly responsible for generating leads in the form of content that nurtures promising leads

Buyers no longer need you to provide product specs and access to free software demos. They need your website for that.   

To remain a significant player in the buyer journey, sellers must provide personalized, valuable content to their prospects. This content should speak to the buyer pains and problems your product solves. 

When you use meaningful content to nurture a relationship with a buyer that establishes you as a trusted, credible source of information, it goes a long way toward successfully closing a deal later on. 

While our hyper-informed, always-connected way of life has shifted the task of lead generation away from salespeople, their role is in no way diminished. 

Even if marketing does the bulk of your lead nurturing work, the final and most important slice of the pie — getting your buyer to agree to a deal — is still squarely on the shoulders of the seller. 

Closing a deal is, frankly, more difficult than generating a lead. Plus, once you’ve closed a deal, it’s much easier to keep generating revenue from an existing customer than it is to cultivate and sign a new customer. 

As technology continues to make it easier for buyers to stay informed without ever contacting you directly, sellers have to adapt to a new style of sales. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Think of your website, your social media presence and your emails as one integrated whole designed to help you sell. Establish your authority in your market by using your online presence to deliver prospects and existing customers alike informative and educational content about your industry. Establishing strong customer relationships is the first step toward making the sale.   

Start selling smarter today with Tellwise’s new whitepaper, “Leveraging Your Sales Assets: How To Position Your Solution For Success.” 

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