What Are The Benefits Of An Affiliate Program?

Do you want to have a bigger sales team without having to pay more salaries and rent additional office space? It’s possible to achieve essentially just that with joint venture affiliate programs.

Such programs are performance-based collaboration endeavors in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for the customers they bring in through their own marketing efforts. Affiliate programs used to be full of junky offers, but as consumers become more informed and savvy the programs offer great potential to become powerful sales assets

The best joint venture affiliates provide a first-class product or service themselves and have a large list of people who trust them. The benefit— when you have a strong affiliate partner — is that your product gets exposed to a large number of people from a trusted source. 

Another benefit of an affiliate program is gaining exposure that you normally wouldn’t get. Moreover, the exposure you receive tends to generate higher-quality leads due to the personal recommendation-like nature of the affiliate marketing. 

In exchange for the good word of mouth, you share a percentage of the revenue from each sale generated through the affiliate program with your joint venture partner. How much of the revenue you share varies widely, but generally the more money you make off an affiliate sale, the more you’ll have to share. 

If you enter a joint venture affiliation, do everything possible to ensure the affiliate is successful in promoting your product.  Make sure your content is branded well, establish several different types of buyer personas, and tailor content and offers to each target. 

Also, before you jump into an affiliate program, fully vet your partner. Take on the role of a consumer and do your research. Partners should offer a high-quality product or service that’s on par with your own, and one that you’re comfortable standing behind. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): In the past, affiliate programs were often a bit messy. But now, as buyers are more informed and it’s simple to vet people and businesses online, affiliate programs are more reputable than ever. Unlock a potentially huge sales asset by partnering with a strong affiliate. Just be sure to do your homework before signing any partnership agreement. 

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