What Could Inbound Marketing Teach You About Better Sales Prospecting?

No matter how you slice it, sales prospecting ranks as one of the most important factors in the sales process. It’s the activity that fills the sales funnel and creates more opportunities for generating business. It all starts at the top. 

But for whatever reason, the sales world as a whole hasn’t approached prospecting and lead generation the right way

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, addresses the modern buyer journey. It’s a methodology that aims to educate prospects and help them move down the sales funnel at their own pace. 

Marketing understands that not all leads are sales-ready. 

The fact is that salespeople need to learn from marketing when it comes to taking a more nurturing approach to sales prospecting. Buyers don’t want to buy on your schedule. They’re going to buy on their schedule. 

So, what should you do? What has inbound marketing taught us? 

You need to have a continual stream of touch points to nurture your leads. Don’t try to force them through the sales process. That only turns prospects off. Adopt lead nurturing campaigns to communicate with your prospects on a consistent basis. 

When you do communicate, you must read their digital body language to determine how to keep the conversation going. Only when your leads signal that they’re sales-ready should you think about the next milestone in the sales process. 

Not only does marketing do a better job of relating to buyers, but it’s also ahead of sales in terms of leveraging technology and innovation. Many salespeople are hesitant to use technology to their benefit, mostly because sellers with a traditional sales mindset are reluctant to any change in their processes. 

Marketing automation, for instance, is an extremely efficient way to nurture leads. It allows you to be more responsive and insightful with your buyers. It also enables you to think on a higher level and be more strategic. The more strategic you are with your sales prospecting, the more success you’ll have. 

Be more strategic overall and start thinking about what your buyers want and how they want to buy. If inbound marketing has taught us anything, it’s that aligning your strategy with the modern buyer journey is essential to being an effective marketer or seller. Let inbound marketing be your guide to smarter, better selling. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Buying behaviors have changed in recent years. Inbound marketing is at the forefront of change, giving prospects what they want. The sales world must learn from marketing and adapt. Effective and profitable prospecting is dependent on your ability to nurture, and automation is a tool that makes this process more efficient. Start prospecting with greater success and leverage the power of inbound marketing. 

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