What Sales Skills Do You Need To Reach C-Level Executives?

B2B sales take on a whole new form when you’re selling to C-level executives. To be effective at selling to someone in the upper echelons of an organization, you have to be flying at the same altitude. 

C-level executives are tougher to sell to, and you must approach them differently than department-level prospects. If you come to a CEO pitching a revolutionary kind of desk chair that’s ergonomically superior to standard office chairs, you’re probably not going to get their attention. 

CEOs aren’t as concerned with minutiae as they are with high-level initiatives. These executives focus on larger corporate objectives such a cost, revenue and achieving a mission. To get their attention, you need the right sales skills to approach them on their level. 

When selling to C-level executives, focus on how you can help their overall business objectives and growth. If the conversation isn’t at the right altitude, you’re never going to make it onto their radar.

Good executives always care about risk, so if you’re able to demonstrate that what you’re selling mitigates or reduces risk on a particular project, the message is more likely to be heard. And, once you have their attention, be sure to maximize your accountability by delivering on what you promise. 

The quickest way to get ignored by a C-level executive is to appear like you’re just a vendor dropping off goods and moving along. Position yourself as a trusted partner that’s aligned with the organization’s goals and dedicated to working with them. 

It’s not always easy to align what you’re selling with high-level corporate initiatives, but the better you’re able to do so, the more likely you are to make the sale.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The only way you’re going to successfully sell to C-level executives is if you understand their position in the organization and meet them on their level. Remember, these are high-level individuals, and their pains and problems are at an equally high level. Make sure you focus on what’s important to them, or kiss that sale goodbye. 

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