What Salespeople Can Learn from Sandcastles

Joanne Black:

When deals don’t go your way, dust yourself off and go in search of the next one.

Remember the sandcastles you built as a child? When you were just getting started, you used wet sand and buckets. But as you got better at building them, they became larger and more complicated. It wasn’t long before you were using anything you could find to make your castles better than ever.

The Lesson for Sales

What if you thought of lost deals like sandcastles? Instead of taking the loss to heart, think about what the experience has taught you, dust the sand off your britches, and go home happy. That way, when you come back to work the next day, you’ll be prepared to build another deal—even bigger and better than the one you lost.

Excellent advice from one of the best. With 2014 coming to a close, keep pushing forward to set yourself up for a bigger and better 2015.

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