What’s The Key To Social Selling? Be An Engaged Member!

Quality social selling follows the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

With this in mind, an interesting infographic from MarketingThink on Dr. William J. Ward’s DR4WARD blog shows how you can drive engagement through social tools.

Every conversation we have with sales reps these days starts with LinkedIn. But most salespeople are using the social network to just look someone up and connect with the person. That’s a great first step, but reading up on a person’s background is essentially a must these days.

Really, it’s all about thinking about others. Share their stuff. Interact with them on an individual basis. Recognize their work, share it and help extend their reach.

Here are a couple of suggestions from the infographic that we especially like.

  1. LinkedIn: Respond to invites with a personal message. Always acknowledge a contact’s new job or award. “This type of response will set you apart from the competition and get your customers to click through to your relevant and helpful destinations,” the infographic explains. It’s also a good idea to “like” or comment on the LinkedIn status of your customers.
  2. Twitter: Retweet their tweets, tweet a link to your customers’ SlideShare posts or tweet a link to their blog posts. Sharing their stuff will “get you on their radar for sure and show them that you are acknowledging their content.” Always thank new Twitter followers with a link to your blog or landing page.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Salespeople need to go beyond merely using LinkedIn and other social networks as they do the Yellow Pages. They must become active members by contributing to blog posts and leaving comments. Most front-line sales reps aren’t consistently using the entire breadth of social media to truly engage with customers, and that’s a big mistake. Be sure to fully take advantage of social networks like LinkedIn to engage with prospects and customers.

Source: DR4WARD, November 2013

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