Why Sales Reps Must Embrace Technology Or Fail

Just as marketing people have done in recent years, sales reps need to embrace new technologies that will help them to learn more about their customers.

Earlier this spring, Sales Benchmark Index shared a remarkable blog post on its website about how the sales environment has changed and why sales professionals must adjust or lose their jobs. It’s one of the most-read posts on the site for the entire year, and one that we at Tellwise especially like.

Essentially, the post says sales reps will be unemployed in two years if they don’t evolve with the market. Buyers have become more social and informed; yet too many sales reps refuse to recognize this change, maintaining their traditional inward-out information style. The old-style sales reps are using a CRM system as a data dump to report back to management.

Meanwhile, the new-style sales reps are using social media tools and selling platforms to engage better with customers and gain deeper insight into customer behavior.

These evolving sales reps do the following things to help them stay relevant:

  1. Build up a large network on LinkedIn, using it primarily to research prospects.
  2. Use Twitter to become valuable to prospects by not just posting about their own products or services.
  3. Develop and use buyer personas to communicate online.
  4. Read lots of books about sales and follow the best blogs, and then offer recommendations.
  5. Volunteer their time to improve sales or marketing projects.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Today’s front-line sales professionals control their fate. They can remain relevant and important to buyers. But they must use technology as a listening tool and an active contributing tool to be successful.

Source: Sales Benchmark Index, April 2013

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