Why Should You Fish For Prospects With Videos?

We all know that people are more likely to believe what they experience for themselves WAAAAAY more than what they hear from a salesperson. (Sorry, you’re awesome; just not THAT awesome.) And people are much more likely to get hooked if they experience a product first-hand — especially if they’re somehow emotionally attached to whatever it is they’re thinking about buying.

This is why so many companies offer free trials, pilot programs and interactive marketing content. When potential buyers are in the driver’s seat, they can experience benefits and become believers.

That’s according to a recent blog post on Smart Selling Tools. The post also offered some advice about using promotional videos in sales. With a mini-movie, prospects can test out your stuff, the article notes. A moving visual lets you remind buyers about their problems and then offer them solutions.

That’s all great, but we believe you need more than this.

Given the consumerization of the B2B selling process, we absolutely agree that videos work well. Most everyone today has a smartphone that can take videos. There’s no reason not to take advantage of the technology. After all, if you can’t have an in-person or phone conversation, it’s the next best thing.

But we’d recommend going a step further.

Don’t just make one promotional video. If you’re a front-line seller, create a personal video for each specific prospect you’re fishing for this week. Trust us — making a video is well worth the extra effort because it’s such an easy way to stand out.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Most (if not all) of your competitors are still plugging away with phone calls and emails. But you’re sure to catch the attention of your prospects by giving them a chance to see your products in action. Immerse them in a personalized video and you’ll grab them, hook, line and sinker.

Source: Smart Selling Tools, September 2013

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