Why Videos Are Valuable Sales Assets

Videos are a great way to communicate with potential buyers. A bold, well-executed video quickly explains your business and engages viewers in a way that static media seldom does, according to a recent article in Inc. Magazine. While organizations and marketing departments invest a lot of money in promotional videos, these tend to be underused as sales assets.

Salespeople should be able to use these videos in the sales process, quickly selecting the appropriate assets and presenting them to prospects and customers. Think of it as creating your own video channel for prospects.

Now, if all you do is email your prospect with a link to a YouTube video, that isn’t a particularly great interaction for either the buyer or seller. The presentation isn’t personalized, and it doesn’t allow the prospect to give you quick feedback in the form of a comment or “like” button.

Instead, focus on integrating and incorporating video assets into the sales environment. When curating information for prospects, make it easy for them to consume and respond to it. The idea is to take videos that your organization already has on YouTube or Vimeo, and repackage them in a way that’s appropriate for where the prospect is in the sales process. 

When choosing videos to send to a prospect — or developing new video sales assets from scratch — be sure to keep these tips in mind. 

  1. Keep it short: If the video’s message is relatively direct, aim for a minute or less. Even with more involved storytelling, a good rule of thumb is to limit videos to two minutes. 

  2. Communicate clearly: Jargon, acronyms and stuffy corporate terms are bad enough in written materials, but they’re especially confusing and off-putting in videos.

  3. Be cautious with humor: Jokes backfire easily, so don’t risk the embarrassment of a video that goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): As a salesperson, you don’t necessarily need to make videos from scratch. In many cases, you just need the ability to leverage your organization’s existing video assets, creating your own video channel for prospects. You’re essentially taking an asset that’s underused and putting it to better use. In the process, you get more out of these video investments that your organization has already made.

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