Why Your Content Must Be Optimized For Mobile

In the not-too-distant past, when buyers wanted product knowledge or access to demos, trials and other educational information, they had to go through a gatekeeper — the seller. 

Those days are finished. In today’s always-online, hyper-connected world, it’s expected that these assets be made available to buyers online, and usually for free. 

It’s safe to assume your buyers have access to computers, smartphones and tablets, and that they consume content on all of those devices. You must ensure your content can be consumed flawlessly on any device it is accessed from. 

The digital marketing and e-commerce site Econsultancy reports that “77 percent of mobile searches happen with a desktop computer in sight.” 

Econsultancy also reports that 62 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device. Similar figures have been widely reported elsewhere, representing a palpable shift in content consumption habits that shouldn’t be overlooked.  

Statistics like these put the onus on content creators to ensure that what they’re sending is easily viewable on a mobile platform. 

It’s essential that anyone viewing your content has a seamless, pleasant experience with it, regardless of the device they use.

If a prospect uses their smartphone to open content that’s not optimized for mobile, and is forced to scroll sideways to read the message, it’s likely they won’t bother trying to read it at all.  

Some mobile optimization strategies to consider include displaying attachments as large tiles instead of tiny lines of text, and minimizing the need to use a mobile keyboard to type into data fields. Optimize your content for mobile by using more drop-down menus and touch- and swipe-activated features. 

There’s nothing worse than losing a buyer’s attention because your content isn’t optimized for the platform they’re viewing it on. Don’t make your job harder than it needs to be! A little research and preparation on your end to optimize your content goes a long way toward keeping your buyers engaged. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Sellers have so many tools at their disposal to inform their buyers and keep them engaged with valuable, meaningful content. Take full advantage of all your options; let buyers go through your sales process on whatever devices they feel like using. It’s up to you to create an excellent experience. Don’t let a poorly rendered piece of content be what sends a prospect toward one of your competitors. 

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