You Can’t Go to Dreamforce This Year…So What?

Dreamforce 2015 is coming up. There are many reasons to attend…the keynote celebrity speakers, the seminars by forward-thinking thought leaders, the networking and deal-making, the entertainment, the parties! There are also many reasons not to… <<insert your excuse here>>.

If you aren’t attending Dreamforce in person this year–or even if you are and get distracted by another session or end up having to deal with business back at the office–you can still benefit from the speakers, seminars and networking.

Here’s how:

Watch the real-time feeds
Typically Salesforce offers real-time streaming, posted once the event starts, for those attending virtually. Also, look for any real-time videos posted from sessions. These are great ways to gain access to the content and get in on the discussion online.

Follow speakers and sponsors
Go through the Dreamforce website and review the agenda for speakers and sponsors. Follow them on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn. Many times sponsors will also have sessions and many times speakers will post their presentations or content to their company’s site or Slideshare. Also, look for any real-time videos posted from sessions. 

And, of course be sure to follow @Salesforce and @Dreamforce. Seems like a no-brainer, but many people will forget the obvious. 

Follow the hashtag
You can actually pick up a lot of what happens at an event by following and engaging via Twitter. This includes posting, retweeting, favoriting, all types of engagement with those who are there. Here are a few hashtags to stack into your Hootsuite dashboard.
  • #DF15
  • #AwesomeAdminHacks
  • #RockTheAdvantage
  • #DF15Partners
  • #df15live
  • #SalesforceChat
  • #CPQ
  • #SustainabilitySunday
  • #SaaSySaturday
  • #StartupSummit
  • #DFgifs
  • #GetAppHappy
Respond to attendees, engage with questions and relevant experience. Reply to threads, ask questions, get opinions on what content has been good thus far. People love getting responses especially at events where it can difficult to meet in person anyway.

Be sure to follow everyone you engage with during the day. Or, if you want to be very aggressive, use a tool such as Tweepi to “round up” everyone using the conference hashtag and follow them all. People genuinely appreciate the follows and most will follow you back. If you do this several times each day of the conference, you’ll get even more engagement as those who are live-tweeting are also looking for people who are engaging in real-time to spread the conversation.

Send LinkedIn invites to speakers, top tweeters & bloggers
Become familiar with the agenda. In fact, you should plan your day as if you were attending in person. Identify the sessions and speakers you are most interested in and send personalized invites. Begin a conversation by thanking them for sharing their content.

Make the most of Dreamforce no matter how you plan on attending. What tactics do you find most beneficial when attending events from afar? Share your tips here!

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