For F5 Networks, Inside Sales Productivity Skyrockets With Tellwise

Inside sales is the fastest growing segment of sales and marketing. Yet, gone are the days when a sales rep could succeed with only a telephone. Today’s reps need tools that enable them to communicate with prospects via a variety of channels, and enable tracking of these communications along the sales pipeline. This was the need F5 Networks faced when the company first considered Tellwise.

F5 Networks helps organizations scale cloud, data center, and networking deployments to deliver applications to anyone, anywhere, at any time. As a global IT company in a very competitive arena, they need a sales team that’s nimble, responsive and highly productive.

To improve sales productivity, in October 2014, F5 reorganized the sales department. For Paul Leto, Director, Inside Sales for the Americas, the reorganization was done in part to drive more direct revenue contribution from his inside sales team.

Leto revised the roles of his inside sales reps so they could focus on sales alone. Still, increasing their numbers required more than some pep talks and email templates. It meant making sure the reps had the tools necessary to get their jobs done effectively and efficiently, while giving management insight into sales activities.

Streamlining Sales and Capturing Data

Prior to using Tellwise, the management team at F5 didn’t have a way to isolate the activities of inside reps vs. the field reps. They lacked that kind of granularity and visibility. Tellwise delivered the necessary insight and streamlined the inside sales workflow.

With Tellwise, sales reps log their activity and it automatically posts to Salesforce too. In the past, reps had to go to a third-party source, start a new record, fill in the information manually, and save that record. All that took a lot of time and reps often just wouldn’t do it. As a result, “we lost visibility of what business we were really driving from the inside,” said Leto.

Leto was surprised at how seamlessly Tellwise integrated with Salesforce. “It was amazing,” he said. “It took no effort on our part. And now every time one of my reps sends a Tellwise Smart Message, it automatically relates to the right Salesforce record.”

Knowing Which Content Gets Noticed

To understand how well Tellwise works for F5, Leto gave this example: A sales rep sent Tellwise Smart Messages to six different individuals at one organization, one of them a very senior-level executive. Because Tellwise tracks in real time how people are interacting with content, this rep saw only mild activity among everyone except the senior-level person. He saw that this person forwarded the message and more people opened it. At this time, the rep turned to LinkedIn and did more research on this person’s job responsibilities, eventually sending InMail through LinkedIn. Not long after, this effort turned into a meeting with the company.

In a scenario like this, “Tellwise allowed us to make a better, higher quality first impression,” said Leto. “It also enabled our rep to know how and where to invest more time to get the conversation going.”

Chat Warms Up Cold Leads

Tellwise not only increases the productivity and data quality of the sales reps at F5. It also enables sales reps to use a variety of communication channels, including email and chat as part of an integrated sales process. Chat has proven to be a very effective means of reaching out to prospects. The sales reps have found that people using chat are more attentive to the rep. It is a more spontaneous and informal means of communication than other channels. That means reps can engage prospects faster, with a casual, conversational tone. It can help reps get to a conversion faster compared to the hit-and-miss pattern of email or phone.

Productivity Has Soared

Tellwise helps reps to be more productive. They’re also excited about the tool because Tellwise gives them insight into which content is being viewed, and that kind of information gets the reps excited to go after accounts, says Leto.

Reps also have insight into which accounts are more engaged, so they can prioritize their efforts and invest additional time with those accounts. An added benefit of Tellwise has been a renewed interest in “cold” accounts. “Tellwise has given my team new ways to wake up accounts that have gone silent,” says Leto.

The numbers show productivity has soared. “We’ve seen an increase in pipeline generation,” said Leto, “and we know Tellwise is a contributing factor.”

On the management side, Tellwise is delivering the insight. “From a management perspective, we are capturing all the data points we need to manage the business while maintaining a highly productive sales force,” said Leto. “Without Tellwise, it would be nearly impossible to get that kind of continuity and the quality data set that allows us to understand what we’re doing.”

The Tellwise Solution

Tellwise Smart Messages help inside sales organizations connect with prospects, build relationships and close deals faster:

  • It’s easy to create personalized campaigns and share almost any kind of content to make a good first impression
  • You’ll know when your prospects are viewing your content and can seamlessly start a friendly chat session to answer questions and get to know their needs
  • You can see what your prospects view and how they interact with your content so you can tailor your next interaction to be more meaningful
  • No matter where or on which type of device your content is viewed, your prospects get a consistently high quality experience
  • Plus, Smart Messages automatically sync with Salesforce, making you and your team more productive