Smart Prospecting & Sales Acceleration: SilverEdge Finds the Sales Silver Bullet

In business, time is money—a sentiment that SilverEdge understands well. The Colorado-based company is a well-respected provider of turnkey business solutions, including Point of Sale (POS) products, that help their customers increase efficiency and drive profits.

SilverEdge brings the same motivation for increased efficiency and profits to their inside sales team. Operating in a cold call sales environment, the sales team finds it challenging to get the information they need to hold meaningful conversations with prospects and drive appointments.

Understanding these challenges, they aren’t afraid to adapt and seek new processes—especially when it means greater success for everyone.

Get Into the Mind of Their Buyer

Finding the typical cold-call process inefficient, the sales leaders realized they needed smarter and more streamlined ways to engage with prospects.

Because the team sells such a large suite of solutions with hundreds of options, sales agents face a myriad of challenges as soon as they pick up the phone. They need to determine quickly their prospects’ specific business worries, what product will best fit their needs, and how can they communicate Tellwise’s value in a very short amount of time?

Enter Tellwise. Using unique measuring and tracking abilities, the platform notifies agents when a prospect opens their email and shows how the prospect interacts with the content. This real-time insight allows sales agents to understand what products a prospect is interested in within seconds of sending an email, helping them personalize the pitch and direct the conversation toward a sale. They’ve been able to increase conversions by 15% with this insight and response time.

The team finds the platform’s detailed analytics incredibly useful. “Our sales team is able to communicate with our prospects and clients in a much more personal and visual way. With Tellwise, we can now customize all of our content based on the person we’re engaging and get real-time visibility into which pieces they are actually viewing and identifying with,” Greg Castro, Senior Vice President of Sales, says.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Before Tellwise, SilverEdge’s sales team relied on ad hoc, limited marketing materials scattered throughout their shared network. Now, the team has a true marketing library of information. Tellwise has helped them develop email templates based on specific personas and stored it in the platform for easy access, ultimately streamlining process and improving brand consistency.

The sales team operates in a total cold sales environment and Tellwise has allowed them to add their personality to prospect messaging, branding, and organization by putting their sales reps front and center throughout.

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Sales metrics drive SilverEdge’s sales team. Above all, they care about deals—and their total number of accounts, revenue, conversions and call numbers.

Since they started partnering with Tellwise, the sales team has seen hard evidence that the platform helps agents better engage with prospects. Agents can use templates to send emails quickly through the platform, as well as easily track conversations and progress in a central source. With the real-time insights, they’ve increase their conversion rates up to 15%.

“It’s definitely eased our sales process,” enthuses Greg, “And provided prospect insights we didn’t even know we were missing. With the repository of templates and other marketing information available, it takes only an email address and three clicks to send an email. That’s time gained for more sales conversations.”

Driving Adoption

The team hasn’t completely transitioned to Tellwise yet, but the platform’s benefits have quickly created advocates. Agents are motivated to use the platform once they see others have success; they widely agree that Tellwise has been a huge asset to the sales team.

The platform is easy to use, and the Tellwise team provides constant training and support. Sales agents are no longer slowed down by cumbersome technology or outdated processes.

Product Features and Benefits

In a nutshell, Tellwise has helped SilverEdge drive smarter prospect engagement and improve sales numbers. The platform’s Smart Message technology allows the inside sales team to:

  • Simplify sales process with tightly targeted email templates and one-stop marketing library.
  • Understand customers’ interests by measuring and tracking their interactions with sales content.
  • Customize the sales pitch to address prospects’ needs immediately and drive appointments.