The Inside Sales Team

It can seem like trying to connect with a prospect takes a small miracle. Sales teams are blasting out emails and playing the never-ending game of phone tag, with almost zero understanding of what’s working and what’s not. How do you optimize all of these inefficiencies?

Make the connection:
Tellwise Smart Chat brings a new, more effective way to connect with prospects. It’s less intrusive and creates a unique experience that’s superior to traditional phone and email, with far more conversions.

Quantify and measure:
The data and analytics behind each Smart Message opens the door to see what’s working and helps understand what’s not.

In-sync with CRM:
Updating CRM takes valuable time. With built in CRM integration, Tellwise Smart Messages automatically sync all customer interactions and information, right into Salesforce.



Building strong customer relationships is priority number one out in the field. Yet current tools create unnecessary friction between the customer and sales. You’re stuck working from one device or another and each one offers a different experience. And having visibility into your most qualified prospects is anyone’s guess.

Build & sustain relationships:
Push notifications are baked in to each Smart Message allowing you to respond instantly to customers when they’re online. Or, apply a customized workflow based on buyer behavior that delivers the right content at the right time.

Works from anywhere:
Whether you’re on a tablet and your customer is on a smartphone, Smart Messages look great on any device while delivering a consistent user experience.

Priority number one:
Built-in analytics give insight into a customer’s behavior with your content, letting you focus your time on the most qualified customers.


channel management

Trying to stay in front of your channel partners can be an up-hill battle. Chances are, they have multiple partners vying for their attention—it’s impossible to verify if the team is fully informed and can sell your product with the latest and greatest information.

Easily stay in front:
Only Smart Messages make sending product information easy and interactive. With each Smart Message, you can include almost any kind of content that’s personalized for each recipient, creating a more interactive experience that makes it easier to sell product. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of anything they’ve used before.

With data from each Smart Message, you can finally see where your resellers are spending their time; what content they’re viewing and more importantly, not viewing.