Business success comes from real conversations with real people. The rapid growth of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and a whole range of other social selling tools, has led an entire generation of sales people to rely too heavily on technology to develop a relationship with their prospects.

In this webinar, Joanne Black and Matt Heinz will talk about their experiences with conversation and will address these key points:

  • How technology impacts one-on-one conversations
  • Developing a mutually beneficial relationship
  • How to reach your prospect at the level that counts
  • Why we shy away from engaging in conversations

While much about sales has changed in the last decade, one thing never will: People still buy from people they know, like, and trust. As a sales person, it’s our job to make the connections that matter. And those connections are cemented with a phone call, not a status update.


Joanne BlackJoanne Black
Sales Advisor & Sales Executive
No More Cold Calling

Matt HeinzMatt Heinz
Heinz Marketing